Rock Bands aren’t just reserved for boys

Girls Rock Winnipeg

is a registered nonprofit volunteer-based organization dedicated to the empowerment of female, trans, two-spirit, and gender variant youth and adults through collaborative music creation and performance.

Girls Rock Winnipeg was founded in 2017 after the realization that Winnipeg was still not a part of this global movement. We felt our community needed a safe space to empower girls, trans, and gender variant youth and adults through creative collaboration.

After the West End Cultural Centre caught wind of the inception of Girls Rock Winnipeg, they immediately reached out and offered their support.

Our focus, as a volunteer-led nonprofit organization, is to provide strong female and gender variant musical role models for our campers. We believe that when you see someone like you doing something you yourself want to do, then you can realize it is possible.

Through meaningful mentorship, hands on music programming, and skill building workshops, we aim to encourage self esteem, a sense of community, and a passion for music in our campers and volunteers.

Our Team

Brandi Olenick – Founder/President/Camp Director

Jessee Havey – Vice-President/Camp Director

Cate Friesen – Board Member/Volunteer Coordinator

Laura Payne – Treasurer/Keyboard Instructor

Ashley Au Board Member/Bass Instructor

Kelly Campbell – Board Member/Band Coach

Mahlet Cuff – Board Member/Camp Photographer/Band Manager

Ava Glendinning – Board Member/Guitar Instructor/Band Coach

Autumn Tiechroew – Board Member

We have had some amazing individuals help us get this camp off the ground and help making it grow. The support we have received from musicians of all genders in our city, and from other sister camps in Saskatchewan and throughout the Girls Rock Camp Alliance – Girls Rock Winnipeg could not be possible without them.



Our partner

West End Cultural Centre

The West End Cultural Centre (WECC) was established in 1987 and was ready to fill a void in the music community, dedicating itself to the best in almost every genre of music and art. Since then, the WECC has entertained audiences with a large variety of productions including dance, literary readings, concerts, and festivals. Primarily a music venue, the WECC is a non-profit, charitable organization that promotes local, national, and international artists by fostering artistic development. We present, enable and encourage live music and artistic expression and provide a meeting place for artists and the community. Many musicians have walked through our doors on their way to stardom.


Performers appreciate the intimate nature and superb sound of the theatre, as well as the dedicated audience and devoted volunteers.

At the WECC, we strive for equal representation between all folks on our stage, but often have difficulty meeting that goal. We started thinking internally about ways to create opportunities for girls and women in our own space, and realized that there is a larger need that can be fulfilled culturally. This is when we discovered the upcoming project of Girls Rock Winnipeg and wanted to help foster this movement inside our walls.